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Rank the Vote (RTV) is a 501(c)3 organization with a vision that the national adoption of ranked choice voting could create a political and social culture with elections based on a competition of the best ideas rather than scorched-earth politics, and a government that is truly accountable to “we the people”. Ranked choice voting forces politicians to campaign on the issues, rather than pandering to a voter bloc on soundbites. The mission of Rank the Vote is simple: help everyday people build robust movements for ranked choice voting in their own states.
The activist founders of Rank the Vote have a unique track record. From scratch, our team built the largest statewide RCV movement in the nation — Voter Choice Massachusetts (VCMA). Prior to 2016, almost no one in the state was talking about ranked choice voting. Applying basic organizing techniques to RCV, over just three years VCMA grew from a handful of advocates and a list of a couple hundred, to harnessing the energy of thousands volunteers and representing tens of thousands of supporters. Our volunteers became a magnet for major donor funding and media attention, allowing us to launch a statewide ballot campaign, which earned hundreds of bipartisan VIP and organizational endorsements across civic, political, academic, and business sectors, including from nine of twelve federal representatives.
Our strategy is to harness and cultivate grassroots energy in every US state, so movements emerge organically with activists who possess the knowledge, skills, and resources to get ranked choice voting into law at the local and state levels. Rank the Vote provides a comprehensive toolkit to make this all possible. Marriage equality and cannabis legalization are recent major reform movements that achieved national momentum and victories through state-by-state wins. Ranked choice voting can follow this path as well.
Currently Rank the Vote is working with groups in more than half of all US states to build a nationwide movement to change our elections. 

Our National Partners

Rank the Vote is proudly working with these organizations on our shared commitment to advance Ranked Choice Voting

Non-partisan Structural Reform Organizations


Ready to grow the movement in your home state? Get started with our three-page quickstart manual below, and then find your state team. Or, reach out to us at info@rankthevote.us to get a new state organization off the ground.

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