Train up with Rank the Vote

Make an Impact

You’ve already got what it takes. Join an event to train up or take action with Rank the Vote and learn how you can apply and develop your skills to be a part of the movement’s success.
We are here to support you every step of the way, connecting you with a national network and Ranked Choice Voting supporters in your area. Take the first step with us today!


Learn how to open a friendly conversation, explain Ranked Choice Voting, and gain supporters for the movement – in 20 seconds or less!


Take the message to your community and grow the movement by speaking to local groups about Ranked Choice Voting!
Attend a live session with national staff to learn the basics of talking about Ranked Choice Voting, and get access to resource materials including videos and our presenter toolkit.


Get your message out by writing by writing a Letter to the Editor. Join our workshop to get ideas, feedback, and get published! Use this focused time to boost the RCV signal in your community and beyond.
Letters reach community leaders and readers all over. Your words can inspire support across the country!


Practice makes perfect. Train up at your own speed and convenience with the resources and connections in our trainee portal.