Yesterday was a historic day for Ranked Choice Voting advocates across the country.  RCV was on the ballot in six different municipalities and it won in every single election. This is the biggest RCV news of the year and we couldn’t be more proud to be fighting for better voting with every one of our supporters, volunteers, donors, and staff.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Three cities in Michigan passed RCV adoption bills for the first time in their history, KalamazooEast Lansing, and Royal Oak.  These measures were hard fought victories, winning with 71% in Kalamazoo, 52% in East Lansing, and 51% in Royal Oak.  
  • In Minnetonka, Minnesota, voters successfully defended an attempt to tear down RCV usage which had been in place since 2020.  The repeal attempts was defeated with 58% of the vote electing to keep RCV in place. 
  • In Easthampton, Massachusetts, voters chose to expand the usage of RCV from single winner only to multi winner city elections by more than 60% of the vote!
  • The city council of Lexington, Massachusetts voted 70% to use RCV in their municipal elections. They, along with Easthampton, will now send their home rule petitions to the Massachusetts state legislature for approval.

None of these wins would be possible without the dedicated work of volunteers and our partners across the country.  We’re honored to have worked beside the wonderful people at Rank MI Vote along with our national partners Black Voters Matter FundBusiness For DemocracyFairVoteMovement LabsRepresentWomenRepresentUsUnite America, the incredible Katie Fahey, and more.  From the bottom of our hearts – thank you to all our partners who put in the hours and days of work to make this election day one for the books.

These wins add three new cities to the ranks of Americans who have decided to vote a better way.  We’re beyond excited for a clean sweep this year and after a good night’s sleep, we’re going to hit the ground running to have an even more successful 2024. 

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