| Sarah Grace Taylor | The Seattle Times |

Ranked-choice voting appears poised to be adopted in Seattle as November election results near certification, but city voters won’t feel the effects of the decision for up to five more years. During that time, officials are expected to update the voting system and advocates of ranked choice say they are setting their sights on a statewide change.

We’re taking this momentum to the Legislature...

“Seattle voters are ready for ranked-choice voting! Thank you to all the volunteers, coalition members, leaders, and voters who came together to improve our democracy,” Stephanie Houghton, managing director of FairVote Washington, said in a news release last week.

Now, Houghton says it’s focused on statewide change.

“We’re taking this momentum to the Legislature where we can do even more to empower voters with more voice and more choice,” Houghton said.

FairVote Washington wants to push the state Legislature to adopt ranked choice statewide for presidential primaries.

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