| Luke Lukert | WTOP News |

Voting could radically change D.C. if a proposed ballot initiative for the 2024 general election is passed, implementing ranked choice voting and opening party primaries to independent voters.

A broader coalition

“I’m an independent voter, and I am locked out of voting in my own hometown. You know, I’m a native Washingtonian. And this, it’s really important to me, I want to be able to vote. And I should not have to register for any political party, in order to exercise my constitutional right to vote,” Lisa D. T. Rice, the ballot initiative proposer, told WTOP.

“It really encourages candidates to build a broader coalition among the electorate,” Rice said about the potential voting method, adding that they would only be able to win office with at least 50% of the vote. “And we do have people in office here in D.C. that don’t achieve 50% of the vote.”

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