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Broomfield voters are in favor of ranked choice voting. According to unofficial results, 52% of voters endorsed the method while 48% voted against it.

Voters are changing politics as usual.

The voting method would first be implemented in the Nov. 7, 2023 municipal election, and all elections thereafter.

“Broomfield voters chose to replace a tired, broken election process with a system that empowers voters, encourages more issue-driven positive campaigns, and creates better government,” Political Director for RCV Colorado Emma Donahue said in a news release Tuesday evening. “By choosing to implement Rank Choice Voting for all municipal elections in the city and county of Broomfield, voters are changing politics as usual.”

In the new process, voters will rank candidates on a ballot, and the candidate with the fewest votes in the first round is eliminated. Voters who chose the eliminated candidate have their second choice vote counted, and the process continues until one candidate has the majority of votes counted in the final round, according to a July council memo.

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