| Shawn Griffiths | Independent Voter News |

Six Republican candidates have launched campaigns for the 2024 presidential primary, and there are still over a dozen potential candidates that could enter the race. Citizen Data asked voters, “in such a crowded field would you like to rank your choices?” 61% of poll respondents said they were at least “somewhat interested” in the option, including the same percentage of Republican respondents.

A better way

“Ranked choice voting (RCV) solves problems in presidential primaries – it’s no surprise that voters are interested in ranking candidates by more than a two-to-one margin,” said Deb Otis, Director of Research and Policy at FairVote.The group collaborated with Citizen Data to conduct the poll of 1,001 registered US voters.

“RCV is a better way for voters to unite behind strong nominees in crowded primaries,” continued Otis.“ And in 2020, over three million early voters cast ballots for Democratic presidential candidates who then withdrew by their state’s primary day; the same thing happened to 600,000 Republican voters in 2016. With RCV, if a voter’s first choice drops out, their ballot simply counts for their next choice.”

Citizen Data’s polling shows that interest in RCV not only exists across party lines, but social demographics as well, including age, ethnicity, and education level.

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