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This year’s Republican primary election offers an example of why ranked choice voting should be allowed in Missouri.

There are nine Republican candidates running for governor in the Aug. 6 GOP primary. Primary voters are allowed to vote for just one. One person could “win” the primary election after getting only a fraction of the vote — nowhere close to 50%.

Why limit our choices?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had another way to vote, instead of just voting for one candidate? That is what ranked choice voting is all about. But in Missouri, even the possibility of implementing that will be taken away if a constitutional amendment on the November ballot passes. The measure, put on the ballot this session by the Legislature, would ban ranked choice voting in most of the state.

Voters are not stupid. Why would we want to limit our choices when it comes to how we vote? Vote “no” on this constitutional amendment in November. – Ladonna Higgins, St. Louis

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