By Rank the Vote

Are you ready to celebrate Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) taking action with friends?

Ranked Choice Voting is having a moment, and so it makes sense that it should also have a day. Rank the Vote and FairVote will be hosting RCV Day this Sunday, January 23rd (1-23, get it?) to demonstrate that advocating for your favorite voting method is as easy as 1-2-3!  Groups in more than two dozen states across the country will be coming together to do what got us to this moment in the first place—reaching out to educate their communities on the benefits of ranked choice voting.

Find your home state below to sign up now to join the activities for RCV Day this Sunday, January 23rd:


Voter Choice Arizona will be celebrating RCV day with a relational outreach phonebank and textbank. Learn how to spread RCV with the people that are already in your personal network! | Sign Up


Join the California RCV Coalition for an Ask Me Anything on the California Politics Subreddit. | Sign Up

Colorado (Fort Collins)

RCV for Fort Collins will be hosting an evening of RCV information and beer elections at Stodgy Brewing on Monday, Jan 24th. Don’t miss this fun opportunity to learn more and get plugged into our efforts! | Sign Up


Rank the Vote Delaware is hosting “Mead Elections” at Liquid Alchemy Beverages where patrons can choose their favorite meads but aren’t forced to pick just one! | Sign Up


Rank My Vote Florida is kicking off 2022 with a big mobilization and fundraising effort aimed at educational outreach and stopping an anti-RCV bill in the legislature. Come join us on January 23 as we call key voters to make sure RCV is available for Floridians who want a better way to vote! | Sign Up


Instant Runoff Voting is essential for streamlining Georgia’s cumbersome runoff system and getting more representative outcomes. Join Better Ballot Georgia on Sunday, January 23 as we call key voters across the state and educate them on the many benefits of this crucial upgrade! | Sign Up


FairVote Illinois is building up support in anticipation of referring RCV to voters in Evanston this year. | Sign Up


In anticipation of another year of exponential growth Better Ballot Iowa will be phonebanking supporters and activists to bolster its teams for 2022. | Sign Up


Join Rank the Vote Kentucky for our Volunteer Appreciation Lunch on January 22, 2022! RTVKY will be hosting all of our volunteers, family & friends for lunch and a casual hang out, live and in person in Louisville, KY starting at noon. We want to show our appreciation for all of the time, passion and dedication that volunteers gave to our movement, celebrate the work we all did in 2021 and look forward to what is possible in 2022. Part of the national celebration of #RCVDay the next day on January 23, come on down to just say hi, grab a drink, and socialize! | Sign Up


RCV Maryland is mobilizing advocates across the state on January 23 (1/23) to urge local and state leaders to support better voting methods. Join our virtual actions to make your voice heard! | Take Action


After winning RCV in Ann Arbor during the November election, Rank MI Vote is ready to set its sights on new targets. Signup to join our Jan 31st 8:00PM ET All Hands Monthly meeting to find out how to get involved. | Sign Up


Missourians for Ranked Choice Voting has been working hard on getting RCV in Kansas City, and is building up fundraising and outreach efforts statewide. Join us on Jan 22 to build our fundraising call list and then meet us in person at the Kansas City Happy Hour on Jan 23! | Sign Up

New Hampshire

New Hampshire RCV will be mobilizing its members to contact their legislators in support of two key RCV bills. Join us as we work to give New Hampshire citizens the freedom to choose a better voting system! | Sign Up

New Jersey

Voter Choice NJ will be calling through and mobilizing supporters on Sunday, Jan 23. We’ll also take action virtually, pushing the Ranked Choice Voting message out on social media networks. Come join us as we work to give New Jersey voters more voice and more choice! | Sign Up

North Carolina

Better Ballot NC has many actions for RCV Day 1/23! We are calling our volunteers to attend the National Rally at 8pm that night and to attend our Statewide Meeting. Also, team members are taking action networking among their circle of friends and associates to grow awareness of RCV! | Sign Up


Rank the Vote Ohio will be hosting our January Monthly Meeting during RCV Day at 2pm on January 23. During the meeting, we’ll be taking action by writing social media posts, letters to the editor, and requests for support from civic leaders. Join us! | Sign Up


On January 23, Rank the Vote OK will be calling supporters and friends to promote the next day’s monthly meeting, our first of 2022. Come join us to spread the word and help us grow the Instant Runoff Movement in Oklahoma! | Sign Up


Voter Choice PA (a part of March on Harrisburg) has a 23-point platform policy. Which is most important to you? Use ranked-choice voting to vote, and March on Harrisburg will share more on your top issue on RCV Day, Jan 23rd. | Vote Here

South Carolina

Better Ballot SC will be canvassing to build our supporter list at Columbia’s popular Soda City Market on Jan 22. Come hang out and help us grow the Instant Runoff Voting movement in South Carolina! | Sign Up


RCV for Texas is starting off 2022 strong with the launch of local chapters in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Join a phone bank at 3pm CT on Jan 23rd to call to welcome new volunteers! | Sign Up


FairVote Virginia would like to invite you to our RCV Day Rally, this Sunday 1/23 from 2 to 4 pm at Legend Brewing Company in Richmond, Virginia. | Sign Up


FairVote Washington will be making calls in support of Ranked Choice Voting on Monday, Jan 24th. Calls from volunteers are a great way to reach out to the community and we need your help to make it happen! | Sign up


Voter First Wisconsin is hosting a digital house party this RCV Day (1/23) at 3:00PM. Join us to learn about how our Wisconsin version of ranked choice voting will help us fix our broken political system! | Join us here!

Join the Celebration!

Later that evening the state organizations will gather to celebrate their activities alongside FairVote, RepresentWomen, Rank the Vote and Congressman Dean Phillips who introduced the Voter Choice Act. Be sure to contact your state organization for the registration to join us!

If you don’t see your state listed above, check out our state movement page which lists even more states. Dedicated volunteers in organizations in those states are taking action to support ranked choice voting! You can also click the FairVote Get Involved page to help the movement as an individual and sign the petition showing your support here!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Rank the Vote, its members, supporters, funders, or affiliates.