| Stacey Sheridan | Oak Park |

It has been adopted elsewhere. Now the village of Oak Park is considering putting the new method up for a referendum, with Trustee Jim Taglia leading the charge.

“If we can help people become interested in voting, it’s our duty to do that,” he said.

...a remarkable groundswell of public interest in ranked choice.

Taglia told Wednesday Journal he has seen a remarkable groundswell of public interest in ranked choice. That led him to request the presentation of an educational program on the subject to the village board, Nov. 7. Trustee Ravi Parakkat seconded the request.

Parakkat attributes the interest in ranked choice to the public’s frustration with the inefficiencies of this country’s current governmental logjam and the limitations of having only two major political parties.

“The reason why [RCV] is gaining some ground, I believe, is because of our two-party system, and the level of polarization that we’ve seen in our politics at various levels,” said Parakkat. “This seems to counter some of that.”

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