| Ayesha Rascoe | NPR.org | 4 minutes |

NPR’s Ayesha Rascoe talks with Jessica Taylor of the Cook Political Report about ranked choice voting and its growing popularity.

...one way that could decrease the political fever.

One of the midterm races called in Nevada is a ballot initiative that moves the state another step closer to ranked choice voting. That’s where you don’t just vote for one candidate for one position, but a second or third choice as well. Voters in two states, Maine and Alaska, already vote that way. Nevada would be the biggest state yet to use ranked choice voting. Jessica Taylor is an editor at the Cook Political Report and she joins us now.

TAYLOR: I’m asked a lot when I’m speaking and traveling and talking to groups about what can we do about the partisanship in our politics, and I point to these reforms in Maine and Alaska and in Nevada, if this passes a second time, as one way that sort of could decrease the political fever.

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