| Shawn Griffiths | Independent Voter News |

US Sen. Lisa Murkowski says nonpartisan primaries and ranked choice voting are a good thing for Alaska elections and should be considered in other states.

“I think what we demonstrated in Alaska was the possibility that electoral reform can happen and it can deliver outcomes that are less partisan and perhaps less politically rancorous,” Murkowski said.

We can prioritize. It's not hard.

Alaska switched to Final Four Voting with the adoption of Ballot Measure 2 in 2020. Under the new system, all voters and candidates, regardless of party, participate on a single primary ballot.

Murkowski addressed the common argument against RCV that it is too complicated or difficult for voters to understand. When asked if she thought it was, she emphatically said, “no!”

“Think about it,” she said. “You go to a restaurant. You got a whole slate of things in front of you. ‘Do I want the chicken fajita? Do I want the beef tacos? Do I want the enchiladas?’ You select. We can prioritize. It’s not hard.”

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