| Chris Van Buskirk | masslive.com |

A statewide voter advocacy group is looking to bring ranked choice voting to Boston’s local elections through an organized push in 2024 and is staffing up in the city

The organization is optimistic

Voter Choice Massachusetts Policy Director Greg Dennis said there are two reasons the organization is optimistic Boston will approve the measure — the city voted in favor of it during the 2020 elections and volunteers are approaching Voter Choice Massachusetts saying “can you please help us make it happen here.”

“The [ballot] question fell short statewide, but it won pretty handily in the city of Boston and it won pretty handily in a number of communities throughout the state that are interested in trying it out,” Dennis said. “What we’ve learned in the wake of the ballot question loss is that, and in just talking to people, a lot of people voted against it … because they didn’t get a chance in the middle of the pandemic to actually know what it was and what they were voting on.”

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